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Diabetes- Connect The Dots Of Ailments Started
Diabetes could also be called connect the dots of medical ailments that start after you develop diabetes. Yes, it's kind of a game of life. Not just any life but your's, the type 1 & type 2 diabetics. Each dot represents an ailment, after you have been diagnosed with diabetics you are ready to play this lifelong game.

Ask yourself the most important question, "what position do I want to play in this game". Hopefully you chose the winning edge. When you stay ahead of your weight, blood sugar's, blood pressure, stomach pains, nerve problems, etc. the list just keeps growing larger.

The whole idea about keeping the winning edge on your diabetes. Don't wait until your symptoms such as; high blood pressure puts you in the hospital to decide to take some kind of physical action. You have many options available on your side to help your situation.

Exercising and dieting is a major start to a fresh beginning. If you experience stomach problems like indigestion, you might consider slowing down and even stopping your intake of coffee & tea. Both of which are very acidic on your stomach.

Watch your carbohydrate & sugar intake. If you are not familiar with carbohydrates, what they are, what they do, how much in each food. There are good carbohydrate counting books to purchase that will help you pick the winning choice for your system.

Before you enjoy that creamy, dreamy, delicious candy bar think about the after effects. Like how much insulin is it going to take to bring my blood sugar down, or just remember how you feel after you come down from that sugar rush.

Remember you determine the outcome of each & every situation by prioritizing the income of each event. Will you be connecting the next dot on your diabetes list or will the hospital be doing that for you. No not free of charge either.

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