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Diabetes: Have You Checked The Chromium Front Lately?
Although diabetes is far from a new age phenomenon, modern-day lifestyles and flawed food habits have had a large part to play in influencing the onset of diabetes in the vulnerable, while making management a lot more difficult for those who have already fallen prey to this disease. Until recent times, diabetes treatment was largely limited to medication and insulin injections, which have drawn themselves equal numbers of detractors as they have attracted followers. In light of the often detrimental side and after-effects allopathic medication can have on he overall health and wellbeing of diabetics, researchers have begun to pay a lot more attention to supplementing diabetes treatment with nutritional aids and overall lifestyle changes to make management and recovery a less tedious and a lot more effortless. One such nutritional supplement that has caught the eye of researchers is chromium.

Chromium is one of the major building blocks in every living being, where it is found in its biologically active form. This compound is termed as Chromium Picolinate and plays a crucial role in the process of digestion, making the cells of your body receptive to the insulin secreted by your pancreas. Although chromium has such a vital part to play, it is found in your body in trace quantities, thus allowing even a slight deficiency to tilt the scales to injurious proportions. The brighter side of the story is that by merely incorporating moderate levels of chromium in your diet, you can easily reverse this damage and significantly lower your blood glucose levels.

Vast and exhaustive case studies have indicated that the effectiveness of chromium is heightened in cases of Type 2 Diabetes and obese individuals. This category of individuals is particularly prone to insulin resistance and hence chromium supplements play an irreplaceable role in diabetes management, as they actually stimulate the insulin-sensitivity of the body in these cases. The human body absorbs chromium from the small intestine in minute doses, given the minimal requirement of this element in the body. In fact, a normal human body contains only about 6 mg of chromium, which is deemed as sufficient to fulfill its requirements. A diabetic body, however, suffers from an impaired ability to absorb chromium, which leads to a deficiency of this element in the body, further disarraying the balance between glucose ingestion and metabolism.

The American Institute of Medicine has also established that chromium is one of the few minerals, whose administration does not require an upper limit to be set, which indicates the absence of any safety concerns about chromium supplements. Chromium has also been found to directly influence the number of receptor cells that are dedicated to the insulin produced in the body, which has led researchers to believe that making up for the deficiency of this mineral in diabetics with supplements can also increase, or even reserve Type 2, or insulin-resistant diabetes.

The Chromium debate still rages with certain school of experts citing the influence chromium exerts on the neurotransmitters in the body as dangerous to individuals who suffer from depression, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia. Chromium has also been studied to bring about skin irritations in those who are sensitive to fluctuating chromium levels in the body.

Dietary chromium can be sourced in a variety of supplements, either by itself, or in conjunction with a number of other vitamins and minerals. You can also maintain the chromium balance in your body by including foods like black pepper, broccoli, dried beans and whole grains in your diet, all of which contain significant amounts of the mineral in its most elemental form.

Chromium has yet to find popularity amongst diabetics and medical practitioners as a nutritional aid. However, with the advances that are being made in research and specialized studies, more and more experts are turning to chromium as a significant part of diabetes management, lauding it for the encouragingly high success ratio it boasts of, while also approving of the absence of detrimental side effects. When used under medical supervision, Chromium is a very effective way to deal with diabetes and bring your wayward glucose levels under control. Controlling your diabetes can be as effortless or difficult as you want the process to be. What matters the most is to view your disease as something you need to control instead of having diabetes chalk out your life for you once implemented, the results this approach brings about are nothing short of magnificent!

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