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Medical Aromatherapy of Biobell
Medical Aromatherapy of BioBell Even though aromatherapy oil products are popular these days, there are not so many people who know the application and the effect of aromatherapy properly.

For example, just because you use the aromatherapy oils when you feel bad, it does not mean you are getting better on the medical side.

If you want to feel the effect using the aromatherapy oils, it would be better that you use the blended oils with more than tree kinds of essential oils in proper ratio.

BioBell manufactures and sales various medical aromatherapy products.

BioBell is researching and producing aromatherapy products and natural cosmetic products.

BioBell Aromatherapy products show very good effects for the diseases and problems which are difficult to be treated by ordinary methods including modern medicine and any other alternative therapies.

By long term and extensive results of treatments by BioBell Aromatherapy products at over 450 hospitals and clinics in Korea, BioBell Aromatherapy products revealed to be very satisfactory for the refractory diseases.

Here is a case of a patient.

Ji-Soo Kim (53 years old) had the symptoms of frozen shoulder for 13 months.

Symptoms were limitation of motion of the shoulder joint, severe sharp catching pain in the shoulder, and pain without trauma in left elbow joint.

She took the injections and medicines in orthopedics but her symptoms were not getting better.

Just after 10 minutes of application of Releagen (BioBell’s medical aromatherapy product), joint movement range of right shoulder was recovered completely and pain of right wrist and left elbow joint was also recovered promptly. After 30 minutes, she could not have any problem with motion and pain.

Characteristics of BioBell Aromatherapy products

1. In case of products for musculoskeletal pain treatment, usually you can feel the big effect after first trial and usually after 10 minutes.

2. There is no other same products which having same effects in the world.

3. The side effects is very rare comparing to medicines and is very trivial when occurred.

4. All the products are made from only from natural plants materials.

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