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Whey Protein
Whey protein is the foundation of muscle growth and without it, you will have a hard time trying to build up lean muscle. In order to build up lean muscles, it is essential to invest in a high quality whey protein or Maxiraw WPI Intensity.

There are arrays of whey supplements on the market; many in fact come in different flavours and forms, the most popular form of whey supplement being the powdered form.

Powdered forms have a longer shelf life and can be mixed with a variety of different elements in order to form a great tasting drink. Those that use it can choose to combine it with the likes of yogurt, milk, water or alternatively a fruit juice.

Whey protein supplements are usually found in health food stores, gyms and online. Many come with customer incentives in the shape of free shakers. These are a great investment for those that wish to take their whey protein drink on the move.

Once you have chosen the right whey protein supplement, you will then need to learn when and how to take it. Most people tend to take it either before or after a workout; make sure you read the instructions first as some powders may be more concentrated than others. Some may also suggest that you take it a few hours prior to a workout, whilst others may suggest taking it just ten minutes prior to your gym session.

If you wish to achieve the full benefit of whey protein, it is advisable to take it either directly before you work out or directly after. Taking it at other times of the day isn't a problem; it won't, however, produce the best results.

Whey protein works in conjunction with your muscles, so taking it prior to a big gym session will in turn help your muscles to build.

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