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Esthetic Dentistry

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

The term esthetic dentistry has been used to refer to the application of tooth colored restorations in either the anterior or posterior situation where non-tooth colored alternatives are available.

Can be described as using modification techniques to improve the way in which your gums and teeth look. These types of procedures are often times also referred to as cosmetic dentistry. Generally, the overall health of your mouth is taken care of before you can have any procedures done, and it is expected that these procedures will not affect your overall dental hygiene.

There are a number of dental procedures that are classified, inclusive of braces, veneers and teeth whitening procedures. All of these procedures are serious dental procedures, and you should only allow a licensed local dentist to perform the services.

It is quite possible for you to have stained teeth that are also healthy; likewise, you can have teeth that are crooked, but are not really damaged. However, teeth that are crooked, stained or otherwise disfigured may have a negative impact on a person’s appearance and self confidence. As such, esthetics dentistry works to fix these dental problems that some persons are battling. Actually, there are some persons who believe that having a beautiful smile is more important than having good dental hygiene.

As for adults, probably the most popular procedure that they go to their local dentist to get is teeth whitening. Your local dentist will most likely perform the procedure using lasers or some type of chemical; however, you can purchase teeth whitening kits at your local department store, which is actually a lot cheaper than going to your dentist’s office. This procedure may not be able to give you perfectly white teeth; however, it does help to whiten your teeth by a shade or two.

Dental procedures that are used to replace missing teeth are also classified as esthetic dentistry, even though it actually addressed your overall dental hygiene, also covers sculpting of your teeth, reshaping your gums, in addition to other procedures that address dental problems associated with the shape and the size of your teeth. Additionally, this particular type of dentistry is helpful in enhancing your confidence, so that you will be more comfortable when you smile in public.

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