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Occupational Health and Safety

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Any person conducting a business or undertaking has a commitment to ensure a safe working environment for their workers, the management, contractors, public and the business. One way to ensure workplace health and safety is for the management to be committed to do exactly that.

How does a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) indicate that they have this management commitment?

By simply saying that “our business and its management are committed to work health and safety” is not enough. To prove that your business is committed to work health and safety, this needs to be reflected in your policies, procedures and other written documentation.
At the start of this year, the fines under the new Act have increased significantly. Management Commitment is the first step you need to take to ensure Work Health and Safety. And this is the foundation for a healthy workplace culture.

If any of the questions indicated in the above list are missing from your workplace policies, please browse through our website to download any relevant documentation. We have placed links through the article to take you to specific areas of our website.

To ensure the safety of your employees is like climbing Mt Everest. You need the appropriate tools and safety gear to complete the mission. The same applies to any work environment. You need to provide the appropriate tools and safety gear to your employees, to ensure their safety, whilst successfully completing their work tasks. Mission accomplished.

Healthcare Law Firms – A Tool to Protect Medical Professionals

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Healthcare law firms can be a valuable tool for many businesses and individuals. As technology has advanced over the past decade, modern medicine has increased in complexity. Legislation and regulation surrounding the innumerable areas of practice and corresponding standards change on a frequent basis. This can prove to be overwhelming for many practitioners and administrators.

New screening methods, diagnostic tools, and survey methods expose healthcare professionals to higher levels of risk. Since many patients use multiple doctors to confirm a diagnosis, a misdiagnosis can be grounds for a malpractice suit. In today’s litigious society, a malpractice suit can cost millions of dollars for a physician, raising their cost of malpractice insurance significantly, as well as damaging their professional reputation. This unfortunate scenario can occur more easily than many doctors realize.

In some patients, a rapid diagnosis and treatment may lead to negative symptoms. Many branches of medicine such as oncology require the use of dangerous treatments. One of the main courses of action for cancer patients is radiation therapy and drug-based chemotherapy. While these treatments can be effective at killing cancer cells in the body, they also put high levels of physiological stress on a patient. In some cases, chemotherapy can increase a patient’s risk of death or illness. While chemotherapy is the best course of treatment for these patients, it can expose healthcare professionals to excessive risk.

Any treatment with a high degree of risk exposes doctors to potential lawsuits. In present day, conducting medicine without legal representation can be a poor financial decision and can put not only your patients’ health and well being, but their privacy and personal medical data at risk. Any and all of this can be grounds for a lawsuit. In addition to high expenses, litigation wastes time that healthcare professionals should be spending those who are really important: patients.

It’s important for healthcare professionals to have legal representation through a law professional. Healthcare law firms can provide legal representation, along with consultations, at an affordable price, often at a better rate than malpractice insurance. While malpractice insurance is necessary for any healthcare professional, it’s possible to minimize deductibles through the right representation. In addition to saving money, a professional law care firm can save healthcare professionals the time and headache of litigation.

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